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Bradford County Background Check

Bradford County Sheriff’s office is composed of various divisions and units to cater on the different services which the residents need. As for the records aspect, they have formed the Records Unit to accommodate all the transactions made by the local citizens that have something to do with the legal reports. So, the Records Unit’s main obligation is to compile all the public records and preserve them in a way that the future generation can still be able to retrieve them when necessary for various reasons. They have been actively functioning as per mandate of the general law and statute in Florida.

The Records Unit’s specific jobs include assisting those who are doing a background check, providing copies of reports, fingerprinting, registering of sexual offenders and felons and many more. So, if you are up to finding out the past of someone, then the sheriff’s office is the right place which can help you obtain the details that you want. To speed up your application on legal and public documents in Bradford all you have to do is provide the following pieces information including the case number, date and time, location of incident, name of the deputy, and the complete name of the person or people involved.

Bradford County Criminal Background Check

As for the fees, they follow what the provision states in Section 119.07 that each copy shall cost $.15 per page, traffic crash reports cost $2.00, homicide reports cost $25.00 per copy and a certified copy of each document shall cost $1.00. The processing time depends on how much data you are trying to request from the Records Unit’s office. Usually, it takes 6 to 10 business days. As for the fees, they could change over timedepending on the prerogative of the management. Thus, you should get yourself updated all the time by simply calling the office concerned to see if there are any adjustments in terms of the service fees.

Today, Bradford County is no longer just providing copies of legal documents through papers but download them this time from the Internet or simply print them from a computer-based repository. It eventually became paperless to make the entire procedure more hassle-free. So, all you have to do is explore the official website of the Sheriff’s office or the County’s official website to find out how to request for a copy of a public record if you wish to perform a background check on a certain person.

But today, you get to have another option in pulling up such legal records by simply paying an online records provider for a reasonable fee. This approach is practical and private in the sense that you can do it on your own anywhere you are for as long as you have access to the Internet. Therefore, if the need is urgent then you can definitely grab the reports in an instant just in time when it is being needed for some purposes. It is totally one convenient solution which individuals should explore into in order to have a better experience when it comes to legal records retrieval.

Steps to perform a background check in Bradford:

  • Visit the Records Unit Section under the Sheriff’s office to get started
  • Fill out the forms and submit to the office concerned
  • Fees include $.15 per page being requested; homicide reports cost $25.00 per copy. A certified copy costs $1.00 per document
  • The request can also be mailed to the exact mailing address

Bradford County Florida Background Check

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