10 Signs of Catphishing Scams These Days

Catphishing is very common these days. Hence, you need to know what the signs are when you are experiencing such an incident. So, these are the warning signs. First, the message comes from another place. Second, working out of town. Third, english does not sound good. Fourth, hard luck stories. Fifth, asking for money. Sixth, it’s too hot to be true. Please see infographic below for more inputs about it.

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The Effective Online Dating Tips

People or the millenials are not used to finding dates over the Internet. They actually would just search for someone, talk to them and ask if they would like to meet up. There are five tips. First, set your goals and don’t lose sight of them. Second, arm yourself with time and energy. Third, start scanning. Fourth, create your profile with a friend. Fifth, arrange a face-to-face meet-up.

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Lies of Man and Woman on Dating Profiles

People try to fake their dating profiles just to get people’s attention. And so, they go to an online dating site, create and account and exaggerate their personal information. A man’s profile for example becomes exaggerated by editing their age, photos, height, children, income and relationship status. So, there are lies that have to be revealed for the information of everybody.

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Males and Females Lie About Their Dating Profile

It is a hard truth that some men and women don’t tell the truth about themselves on their dating profiles in the hope of getting a date fast. And so, what they lie about include their height, weight, age, job title, photos, income, hobbies, and physique. Their goal is to become marketable so that people who would see their profile would get attracted immediately. Beware to this kind of a bait for it could possibly put you in a situation which you do not want to happen in the first place.

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80% of Abused Girls Keep Dating Their Abusers

A lot of girls nowadays do not let go of their abusive boyfriends for a lot of grounds. They don’t let go of their romantic partners for fear of their lives. And they can’t even tell their parents about what is going on to them. The three types of abuses are even apparent including physical, emotional and sexual aspects. Hence, parents must be fully aware of what their children are doing. Make sure that they are just fine, make sure to check with them from time to time.

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