The Executive Background Check Package

You need to be careful in whom you are dealing with as you go through the background checking process. First, look through the social security search social security number verification. Second, motor vehicle/driving record report. Third, statewide criminal report. Fourth, national wants and warrants search.

Screening Background Check

How Online Hacking Can Be Prevented?

Hacking has even victimized big companies like Home Depot, J.P. Morgan and Kmart. How much more the smaller companies nowadays which are more likely to fall as victims too. Here are some tips being shared on how to go about going against the hackers of today. First, spend time on security management. Second, collaborate with the chief risk officer this year. Third, upgrade security measures.

Security Background Check

Tips on How You Can Stop Thief

Robbery is one of the very common crimes that is happening nowadays. According to FBI reports, burglary takes place in every twenty seconds. So, it is quite alarming to note. Hence, you have to know and learn how you are able to stop it. First, assess your home’s vulnerability. Second, respect the power of lighting. Third, use technology to make your home look occupied. Fourth, reinforce your locks. Fifth, blare the sirens. Please see more guide on how to prevent it from the infographic below.

Thief Background Check

Guide on How You Can Obtain A Criminal Records

There are four steps which you can easily go through with when you are trying to obtain a copy of the criminal records. First, approach your lawyer and let him know what type of record you are looking for. Second, go to a courthouse and look for the in-charge clerk and ask for all the necessary requirements to obtain a copy of it. Third, do an FBI search but you got to be able to know the documents necessary for you to get started. Fourth, go to morphotrak and schedule an appointment, fill out the form, and get fingerprinted.

Get Background Check

Efficient Process To Run A Check on Applicants

Wherever company you maybe working for you need to keep in mind the proper way or approach that you are going to do when doing a background check. There are five tips. First, decide when and whom to check, and for what. Second, know the components of backgroun screening. Third, understand background check process and timeline. Fourth, inform and prepare candidates for screening. Fifth, integrate with applicant tracking systems.

Hire Background Check

The Hazards of Not Doing A Background Check

Here are some truth about some companies who have bad hirings. First, 6% of the average organization’s annual revenue is lost to employee fraud. Second, 30% of small business failures are caused by theft. Fourth, 10% of businesses discover they have been robbed. Please see more facts and data from the infographic being outlined below.

Job Background Check

Criminal Activities Go Hard Over The Net

One easy way to commit a crime these days would be through the Internet. And so, criminals have now flocked on the web to see who they are going to target. Today, the issues include virus, spam, hacking, trojan, phishing and secure. Please see information below on how you are going to combat such issues in order for you to save your data and secure your computer anytime.

Virus Online Check

What Do You Know About White Collar Crimes?

Do you know about white collar crimes? Some of these white collar crimes include fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and money laundering. These are really serious crimes that have heavy penalties once proven guilty of violating it. Please see infographic below for more details on how these crimes would work in our time.

Crimes Backgroud Check

The Top Four Crimes That Take Place Nowadays

The top four crimes that are common these days include murder, robbery, assault and burglary. It has been noted that in every 13 seconds there has been home intrusion in North America. And then 88% of burglaries are residential. Please see details and information related to these crimes from the infographic below.

Crime Background Check

How To Get Started In Running A Criminal Report Check

If you are looking into the safety and welfare of your family and loved ones you should be able to know exactly what to do in the midst of danger. On this note, you should be able to know your resources and you can find them through the local agencies in your place where you get to find the National Criminal Database, Federal Criminal Search, County and State searches and International criminal searches. In other words, you always have the sources that you can leverage for protection purposes.

Resources Background Check