What Do You Know About White Collar Crimes?

Do you know about white collar crimes? Some of these white collar crimes include fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and money laundering. These are really serious crimes that have heavy penalties once proven guilty of violating it. Please see infographic below for more details on how these crimes would work in our time.

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The Top Four Crimes That Take Place Nowadays

The top four crimes that are common these days include murder, robbery, assault and burglary. It has been noted that in every 13 seconds there has been home intrusion in North America. And then 88% of burglaries are residential. Please see details and information related to these crimes from the infographic below.

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How To Get Started In Running A Criminal Report Check

If you are looking into the safety and welfare of your family and loved ones you should be able to know exactly what to do in the midst of danger. On this note, you should be able to know your resources and you can find them through the local agencies in your place where you get to find the National Criminal Database, Federal Criminal Search, County and State searches and International criminal searches. In other words, you always have the sources that you can leverage for protection purposes.

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Almost Half of US Children Have Parents With Criminal Records

It becomes apparent and a fact these days that a lot of parents in the United States had criminals records in the past. And so, companies are very strict in filtering over their applicants to ensure that they only hire the ones that have no criminal history. Criminals records are now highly used as a document for background checking purposes. As a matter fact, it is reliably utilized by colleges, employers and landlords.

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80% of Abused Girls Keep Dating Their Abusers
80% of Abused Girls Keep Dating Their Abusers

88% of Applicants Lie About Their Job Resumes

With the high competition right now in terms of job vacancies, job applicants would tend to oversell themselves by exagerrating the content of their resumes. And so as a result many companies have hired the wrong ones because of it. This is the challenge today of the Human Resource departments from each company or organization. One smart tip to remedy such an issue would be to run a criminal records search in order to gather pertinent information that helps one filter the right employees for the company.

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