DUI, A Common Violation Among Celebrities

Celebrities are frequently reported to have been arrested due to DUI offense because they are always in parties and gatherings where alcohol, liqours or wines are being served. And so, when they drive home they most of the time meet accidents along the road and they are reprimanded by the authorities in the end. Please see more instances and cases of DUI violations from the infographic below.

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DUI Confessions of Hollywood Celebrities

A number of famous celebrity stars have been arrested due to Driving Under The Influence. Among them are Lindsay Lohan, Keifer Sutherland, Gary Collins, Michelle Rodriguez, Chris Klein, Rip Torn, Vince Neil, Gary Dourdan and Nicole Richie. They all had their taste of being jailed and it was not good after all because they had to go through the legal process and all the stress which they deserved to deal with.

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Celebrities Who Got Caught for Drunk Driving

Even the known and popular artists can make mistakes in their lives to the extent that they got arrested by authorities by doing something unacceptable in the society. These celebrities include Robert Downey Jr., Kiefer Sutherland, Shia Labeouf. Christian Slater got also arrested for illegal possession of firearm and then Eminem was charged with assault.

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The Then and Now of Famous Hollywood Celebrities

The celebrities that you idolized certainly commit mistakes as well because after all they are humans like us. You would be surprised at some of the violation they have been into in the past. Some of these offenses include DUI, addiction, fight and other violations. Please see infographic below for you to find out what offenses your idols did in the past and how they were able to survive today.

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The Common Violations Committed By Celebrities

Some celebrities are not only popular or famous in movies but their names also came out in the media as they committed certain crimes which they had to settle with the government authorities. Some have been arrested for violating the law on DUI, they include Mickey Rourke, Michelle Rodriguez, Kiefer Sutherland and others. They definitely are still humans and are subjected to the laws of the land. They need to abide the law or suffer the legal consequences.

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