The Hazards of Not Doing A Background Check

Here are some truth about some companies who have bad hirings. First, 6% of the average organization’s annual revenue is lost to employee fraud. Second, 30% of small business failures are caused by theft. Fourth, 10% of businesses discover they have been robbed. Please see more facts and data from the infographic being outlined below.

Job Background Check

Celebrity Tax Evasion Cases

Tax evaders are also criminals in the eyes of the law. In Hollywood, some celebrities have problems on thier taxes not being paid. Some of them include Teri Polo, Aaron Carter, Faith Evans, Robert Redford, and Chris Tucker. You find out in the infographic below how they became problematic to tax evasion. It is a serious crime which could legal to legal proceedings if one does not settle it right away before the court.

Tax Background Check

How To Run A Background Check on a Gun Buyer

If you are in-charge in conducting a background check on gun buyers then here’s what you must do. First, a gun customer need to fill out a form containing his personal particulars. Second, the gun retailer then forwards the information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Third, NICS compares that information with millions of records containing the names of people. Fourth, if the sale is approved, the filled out form will be retained in the store.

Weapon Background Check

What to Avoid When You Are in a Romantic Relationship

When you are in a romantic relationship you must be aware and considerate in many areas. These are the things which you need to be aware of. First, jealousy, you need minimize your being emotional when you see your partner interacting with another person. Second, criticism, you have to stop critizing your partner when there is no need to do so. Third, blame, never do the blaming when you are failure because of him or her. Please see more guide and tips from the infographic below.

Anger Background Check