How To Get Your Employment Checks Right?

Do you want to hire the right people? Here are the things which you must know in order to see to it that you are getting the right people. First, you need to decide when and whom to check and for what. Second, know the components of background screening. Third, understand background check process and timeline. Fourth, integrating with applicant tracking systems.

Employment Background Check

What Does Social Media Do To Resolve Crimes?

The social media can be a very useful tool in addressing the criminal activities in the society today. Here are the things it can do which helps stop crimes from happening in the society. It can identify persons of interest, identifity criminal activities, understand criminal networks, soliciting tips of crimes, identify location of criminal activity, anticipating crimes that maybe occuring. Please see infographic below for more insights related to the use of the social media today.

Investigation Background Check

10 Signs of Catphishing Scams These Days

Catphishing is very common these days. Hence, you need to know what the signs are when you are experiencing such an incident. So, these are the warning signs. First, the message comes from another place. Second, working out of town. Third, english does not sound good. Fourth, hard luck stories. Fifth, asking for money. Sixth, it’s too hot to be true. Please see infographic below for more inputs about it.

Scams Background Check

What Do You Know About White Collar Crimes?

Do you know about white collar crimes? Some of these white collar crimes include fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and money laundering. These are really serious crimes that have heavy penalties once proven guilty of violating it. Please see infographic below for more details on how these crimes would work in our time.

Crimes Backgroud Check