Background Checking Through The Social Media

Anybody can actually perform a background check these days apart from the authorities doing it. This is done through the social media today because criminals could be present on social networking sites wherein we are able to track them down. So, it’s a good place for everyone to do the history check of somebody rather than just use the social media to connect with friends, might as well leverage it to stop crimes in your local communities.

Social Background Check

The Effective Approach To Run A Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is very crucial these days as businesses are booming. And lessors have to be very careful because some tenants would just use the space as a cover up for the illegal transactions that they do. You surely don’t want to get involved in the illegal transactions which these people do. So, here are the things that you must do. First, require all applicants to fill-out their own rentail application. Second, get approval to run a credit and background check. Third, do set consistent, legal screening criteria for all applicants. Fourt, verify income and employment. Please see infographic below for more essential tips.

Tenants Background Check

80% of Abused Girls Keep Dating Their Abusers

A lot of girls nowadays do not let go of their abusive boyfriends for a lot of grounds. They don’t let go of their romantic partners for fear of their lives. And they can’t even tell their parents about what is going on to them. The three types of abuses are even apparent including physical, emotional and sexual aspects. Hence, parents must be fully aware of what their children are doing. Make sure that they are just fine, make sure to check with them from time to time.

Dating Background Check

88% of Applicants Lie About Their Job Resumes

With the high competition right now in terms of job vacancies, job applicants would tend to oversell themselves by exagerrating the content of their resumes. And so as a result many companies have hired the wrong ones because of it. This is the challenge today of the Human Resource departments from each company or organization. One smart tip to remedy such an issue would be to run a criminal records search in order to gather pertinent information that helps one filter the right employees for the company.

Employee Background Check