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Alpine County Background Check

Over the past few years, background checks have become increasingly common due to the nature of the world. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of business though it is a mistake to say that only businessmen and business owners rely on background checks because mostly everyone is now doing it. It is, however, easier to see why business owners would rely on Alpine County Background Check when it comes to their businesses. The nature of the world had now changed and a business owner could no longer be certain as to the trustworthiness of people who wish to apply for a position within their business concerns. Owners now want to know the background of the people that they may soon be bringing into the fold and be forced to trust.

Background checks rely on a number of records that California law had classified as non-vital public records. This classification ensured that these records are easier to obtain for the public because while public records are supposed to be available to the public at all times, non-vital records are easier to obtain than vital records. The records that are most often depended upon when conducting a background check are arrest records, court records, and prison records and there are a number of county agencies that a searcher could use to obtain the same.

California Criminal Background Checks

The official custodian of all public records in the county is the office of the clerk-recorder. It makes sense, therefore, that a person who wishes to obtain a copy of a public record would first use this office. To obtain a non-vital public record at this office, the searcher must follow a simple process that begins with the searcher requesting permission to view the records. Once permission has been given, and note that it almost always given, the searcher could then search the records himself or he could ask for the assistance of one of the members of the staff of the office. A located record would then be copied by the office upon request of the searcher for a fee of one dollar per page, then certified by the clerk.

Another source that could be used is the Office of the District Attorney. As the agency that is tasked with prosecuting criminal offenders, the office has copies of records related to their charge. Even though it is not a traditional source of records, the office of the district attorney is required, per California law, to provide public records from their archives upon valid request from a member of the public. Although a request here could take days given the lack of experience of the staff of the district attorney in actually providing information, the procedure is relatively easier as the searcher needs only to give the specifics of the record to a member of the support staff of the office. Note, however, that the searcher must be as specific as possible to avoid redundancy in the search. The fees are also at one dollar per page, but the office of the district attorney could not certify the authenticity of the records as only the clerk-recorder could do that.

For those who require the records related to the background check as fast as possible, they may best be advised to just use online resources. There are a number of online databases that do provide the same information that may be found from all offices connected to the government that provide these records. The difference is that these databases are faster and more efficient in providing their search results because they are internet searches. In addition, most of these databases do not charge anything for the use of their information and because they could be conducted from the houses of the searcher, there is no need to fall in line.

Alpine County Criminal Background Check

To obtain non-vital records in relation to background checks, follow the procedure given below

  • Proceed to the Office of the Clerk-Recorder and request for the records there.
  • You would be given permission to view the records.
  • You may search the records yourself or you may ask for the assistance of a member of the staff.
  • Once the records that you wish to obtain had been located, inform the clerk of the same and you would be given the option to have the record copied.
  • Should you wish a copy, you would be directed to the cashier where you would be asked to pay for the copy at a rate of one dollar per page. You may also wish to pay the certification fee of two dollars per document.
  • With the receipt given by the cashier, ask for a copy of the record be made at the copying section of the office.
  • Once the copies had been made, have them certified by the clerk. If the certification fee is not yet paid, pay the same.

Alpine County California Background Check

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