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Alachua County Background Check

Checking on the history of someone in Alachua is simply a right given to people in accordance to the general laws and statutes in Florida. The search can be done in various categories including arrest, police report, traffic violations, sex offender cases and a lot more. As for the case of retrieving the arrest reports, local residents have to visit the Records Bureau office to inquire about the steps and requirements for obtaining a copy of Alachua background check. The service fee costs $6.00, to be paid using cash, money order or cashier’s check.

If going to the Records Bureau is a concern then you have an option to mail your request through a self-addressed, stamped envelope addressed to the Alachua County Sheriff’s office where the Records Bureau has been formed. The crucial details which you need to provide to initiate the search include the subject’s complete name, race, sex, and date of birth. The social security number is not necessary but it would help more if you have it. Such a public service has been pushed through the provision of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Criminal History Services Section.

Alachua County Criminal Background Check

More so, you also get to have access on inmates currently in jail by checking on the official website of Alachua County. They have set-up a section there called the Inmate Look-up at the bottom portion of its homepage. On the other hand, a police report can be obtained by making an application addressed to Records Division for a fee of $.15 for single sided or $.20 for double sided. The request can also be mailed to the Records Bureau if that is something that works better for you. The County also handles the Circuit and County Courts for Felony and Misdemeanor cases which they can usually complete in 1 to 4 business days depending on how much information you wanted to retrieve.

In other words, the local citizens in Alachua must check with the County’s Sheriff’s office if they are to perform a background check on an individual as they do have a complete listing of all the reports which occurred within the county. Other fees which you need to pay upon request include the fingerprinting which costs $15.00 and the concealed weapon permit fingerprinting costs $5.00. Nowadays, such data can also be obtained through an electronic means which was given permission through the Administrative Order of the Supreme Court of Florida.

Today, you get to benefit from the various independent records services available on the web. However, not all of them are legitimate; you might only end up being scammed. Thus, it is vital that you do a careful research before paying a certain records provider. You may read some reviews to see what others say about the site. If you find a webpage that offers such a service then it would be very advantageous on your part because you no longer have to go outside but just download the data from home. Payment should be reasonable enough for the reports that you need.

It is simple to get started in doing a background check in Alachua, just do the following steps:

  • Visit the Records Bureau under the County Sheriff’s office
  • You may send a request via mail using a self-addressed, stamped envelope addressed to the same office
  • The cost for doing the request is $6.00 per copy made through cash, money order or cashier’s check
  • If you had to undergo fingerprinting then you will have to pay $10.00
  • Required search details include the complete name of the subject, sex, race and the date of birth

Alachua County Florida Background Check

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